Is this the best version of Pacman in JavaScript ever made?

Of course not! And if it were true, it would be because the real programmers were doing more interesting things. In any case, if you have the time, please give me a chance and play my version of Pacman in JavaScript.
(For the moment only IE 6.x+, Firefox 2.x+ and Safari 3.x+(No sound) are supported)
There are two reasons why I’ve created this website. First, because I am very passionate about videogames and I’d like to share some classic videogames that I’ve been publishing with you.

The second reason is to exercise the skills and techniques I’ve been learning about programming. I’ve read books about programming and technology obsessively, but I haven’t had many opportunities to put what I’ve discovered to work. This sometimes makes me think that I’m wasting my time. Thanks to this website I am now able to publish articles that I hope will help some people. Knowing that will make me feel better about the time I’ve invested in my research. Initially, the articles will be about how to write videogames using JavaScript, but I will also include other languages like Perl, Phyton, TCL, Java, C# and C++.
You may notice that I’ve included a link for donations. If you like my website and find it useful I’d appreciate your assistance in maintaining it. I’ll use the funds you donate to cover the costs of hosting, buying books or, if I am fortunate enough, to buy one of these arcade machines one day. ;)

Pacman is the intellectual property of NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. My website is dedicated exclusively to sharing the passion for videogames and the techniques for developing them with as many interested people as possible. If you have the funds and you like videogames I recommend that you purchase one of the consoles that are popular today as well as one of the classic machines.

Thank you for visiting my site! Enjoy!!